NEWS:British Royal Navy Squadron "escapes" to the Philippines

After Hongkong was turned over to Communist China, the three biggest combat ships of the British Royal Navy "Hongkong Squadron" set sail for the Philippines arriving in Manila last July 3,1997. These were the HMS Peacock, HMS Plover and HMS Starling.

These three(3) "Peacock class" corvettes were turned over to the Philippine Navy last July 3, 1997.

After long negotiations, these 712 ton sister ships were purchased by the Philippine Navy for the "friendship price" of 6.5 million British Pounds. Each ship carries an Italian OTO Melara rapid fire 76mm automatic cannon. Additional guns have been ordered fitted to these ships by the Filipinos.

Another view of the "Peacock class" corvette

The BRP Apolinario Mabini(PS 36), one of the three(3) Peacock class corvettes, on patrol off the Zamboanga coast.

A Peacock class corvette being escorted by its two(2) "daughter" 40 knot speedboats which it carries onboard near the bridge.

Outline Drawing of the "Peacock class" Corvette

Example of the OTO Melara 76mm automatic cannon installed on the "Peacock class" corvettes.

Philippine Navy sailors inspecting the 76mm automatic cannon of one of the "Peacock class" corvettes after it finally arrived in Manila.

Peacock Class Corvette Specifications: Displacement: 712 tons, Length: 62 meters, Beam: 10 meters, Complement: 34 men, Armament: One(1) Italian OTO-Melara 76mm automatic cannon with a British Aerospace(BAe) Sea Archer Electro-Optical fire control system. Two(2) Semi-rigid Zodiac-type 40 knot speedboats, each carrying six(6) Philippine Marines or SEAL troopers for shipboarding attack. Additional unspecified guns have been ordered fitted by the Philippine Navy.

Close-up view of the Peacock Class Corvette.

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