Armaments and equipment of the Philippine Navy

.50 Caliber heavy machinegun

Single-barrel Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft gun

Triple-barrel Sea Vulcan 20mm anti-missile gun

Single-barrel MK38 25mm anti-aircraft gun

Double-barrel Emerlec 30mm anti-missile gun

Single-barrel Bofors Mk3 40mm anti-aircraft gun

Double-barrel Bofors Mk1 40mm anti-aircraft gun

Single-barrel 76mm(3"/50cal) rapid-fire cannon

Another view of a Single-barrel 76mm(3"/50cal) rapid-fire cannon

MK 32 Triple tube 324mm anti-submarine torpedo launcher

Example of the 127mm/38 gun installed on the 2,800 ton Barnegat class ships of the Philippine navy.

Another view of a 127mm/38 gun without the gunshield.

BN-2 Islander maritime patrol aircraft

BO-105C MBB Helicopter

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